Home Maintenance – Spring and Summer Checklist

home maintenance tips

When summer and spring set in, you should take advantage of the seasons to carry out a home maintenance routine. A routine maintenance will ensure your home stays clean and units are working optimally.

Below is a cleaning checklist you can follow during summer or spring to maintain your home.

Exterior Maintenance

Roof. Check the roof for any signs of trouble. You don’t need to climb the roof to inspect it. With your eyes or a pair of binoculars, you can easily spot trouble. Staff from Missions Restoration suggest that you should check for cracked shingles that may be allowing water in or nail-pops­­ on the roof. These should be replaced to keep the roof at peak performance. Check their website at MissionsRestorations.com

Chimney. Inspect the chimney joints and check whether any bricks or stones have fallen out. Also, look for vegetation growing on the chimney or a white calcium-like deposit. Any signs of such a white deposit will be a signal that the chimney should be resealed.

Foundations. As you inspect the exteriors, check the foundation for masonry cracks. If you spot some cracks, hire a foundation specialist to fix them.

Exterior walls. Look for trouble spots on your … Read More

How to Improve Your Home Before a Sale!

Too expensive to give your Prescott, AZ home a new look before putting it up for a sale? Below, we have listed the best styling tips and fixes you can easily do on your own! Even with a small budget, you can increase the price of your real estate property and get more bidders by following these tips.

Start by Clearing!

Remove unnecessary items and furniture. The room may not feel furnished but it will be airy and have plenty of space! This means leaving fewer and bigger things rather than several small items. Also, remember to remove personal items such as photographs, baby chair, name boards, toothbrushes, etc. Potential buyers want to picture themselves in their future home.

home improvement

The rooms should feel airy and spacious. Therefore, clear unneeded personal gadgets.

Make a stylish entrance

You only get one chance to make a good first impression with your Prescott AZ real estate for sale. The hall will provide the first impression of your home! Is there room for a small occasional table or a window?

Decorate the hall with a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers and a nice candle holder that spreads a cozy glow. If possible, set up … Read More