How to Choose a Home Gym Flooring

Last Update, October 2017

Editor’s Note: This question came from one of our readers on how to choose a home gym flooring. If you have a question you would like answered, contact us.

Hello. I have been repairing my friend’s apartment. The apartment is modestly decorated and one of the rooms is reserved for the gym. The gym is planned to include the best weight bench for bench press with racks, free weights (dumbbells, barbells, pancakes), the treadmill desk with a computer, a small sofa, 3 horizontal bars and a large mirror. The room is relatively small – 16.6 sq/m.

The first question: Which are the best materials, colors, and design solutions for the room? Should I use wallpaper or paint the ceiling?

The second question:Which material should be used for the floor?

I am trying to make the apartment uniform,  so I’m planning to simply use linoleum for the floor of the apartment. However, for the sports part (3/4 of the room or even a little more), using linoleum is not suitable. I need something solid. Should I just put linoleum on the floor and remove, if necessary, rubber, PVC, or linoleum sports?,Which is more economical and suitable for such requirements and conditions?

Warcus Editorial Team Answer

Hello, we’ll try to answer your questions as in depth as we can. Let’s get started.

Home Gym Floor Covering

To begin, the concrete floor, in principle, is not suitable for sports. The only really comfortable and energy absorbing design is a wooden floor with relatively thick bars or narrow planks glued or nailed on logs laid on the shock-absorbing pads. Boards or beams of different thicknesses can be made from various species of trees and laid on top of an additional coating.

Sports wooden flooring has great properties: sufficient hardness and elasticity needed in almost all sports. For gym flooring, there is no viable alternative for to wooden floors. The floors are used everywhere, from the modest to the best indoor Olympic arenas. You probably do not have the ability to change the design of the floor without reducing its length.

In a 16 sq/m room, you cannot play ball or run. However, there are various home exercises you will be doing, for example jumping rope. For this exercise, a concrete base is not suitable and no additional cover can make it suitable. If you will be jumping, always wear … Read More