More people are moving away from fossil fuel and in to renewable energy sources. This shift has been prompted by environmental concern and increasing energy cost. Renewable energy sources are considered to be environment friendly and have a lower production costs. Solar power is one such kind of renewable energy that has seen a surge in its uptake as an alternative energy source. The use of solar energy can reduce costs incurred by home owners and businesses alike.

Types of Solar Panels

Before you opt for a solar installation for your home or business it is imperative to understand the different types that are in the market. Your solar installation choice should be informed by you energy requirement. Solar panels can be broadly classified into three categories based on the material used. The materials used in the design of the panels influence the amount of solar energy they can efficiently absorb and convert into usable power. Qualified Manchester electricians can help you with the installation work.

  • Monocrystalline– These are the most effective solar panel as they have the highest absorption power. Their absorption power is enhanced by their design which consists of enormous and continuous silicon crystals. The large silicon crystals are able to capture energy even during poor sunlight conditions. Their large power output makes them suitable for use as the main source of building power.
  • Polycrystalline– These are the most common type of solar panel. They are made up of numerous small silicon crystals that are mashed together to form the solar panel. Polycrystalline solar panels are popular as they are affordable and durable. These kind solar panels come in second to the monocrystallines in terms of their absorption power.
  • Amorphous– These panels consist of a thin layer of silicon film laid over a steel plate. Their cost of production is very low which makes them the most affordable of all kind of solar panel. They are however the list effective in terms of energy absorption and as such they are usually reserved as backup energy sources.

Your energy requirement will influence which of the three will be the most suitable installation. The solar panel prices are directly proportional to their effectiveness with the monocrystalline being the priciest while the amorphous the cheapest.


While you can undertake solar panel installation as a do-it-yourself project it is better left to professionals as it involves a lot on intricacies. The installation becomes complicated during the wiring stages which require a qualified Manchester electrician. The general installation process is similar for all the types of solar panels except for some minor details.

The first step in the installation is the roof assessment. This is because solar panels are mostly installed on rooftops for maximum exposure to sunlight. The solar panel technician needs to assess the kind of roof so as to know which kind of mounting will be applicable.

This is then followed by the fitting of the mounting on to the roof. The mountings will secure the panels into position. The panels are then laid onto the mounting and fastened. For maximum sunlight exposure the solar panels are at times inclined at an angle. This is important when working with amorphous and polycrystalline panels that need the maximum sunlight exposure. The panels are then hooked up to the building’s fuse box.

Solar panels as a source of energy are clean, durable and reliable. Although their initial price might costly their low maintenance cost makes up for it in the long run. If you are seeking for an alternative energy source solar panels have proved to be a great deal. Both homes and businesses can take advantage of solar panels to cut down on recurring electricity bills.

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