modern manual roller shuttersMost homeowners around the country install window shutters for security or aesthetic purposes. There are different types of window shutters available in the market. The functionality of the shutters usually varies with the type. One of the common types of shutters is the roller type.

To understand more about the roller type of shutters, we contacted Darren Jonah, a building contractor in Swansea to shed more on the equipment. This article is as a result of the interview we had with him.

Roller shutters generally comprise of a number of slats or metal bars attached together. These shutters are installed for security purposes and can be lowered or raised for closure and opening respectively. In commercial buildings, mechanically-operated roller shutters are usually used. The shutters protect the windows or doors from harsh weather and intruders.

You can install roller shutters at different places including warehouses, prisons, garages, and commercial institutions. The shutters can help to keep off pellets from harsh weather such as storms or frozen rain. Roller shutters are made from a variety of components. These include:

  • Locks: There are different types of locks available for window shutters. The common ones are the shutter and bullet locks.
  • Bottom lath: Bottom lath are made from steel and aluminum. Rubber tubes are usually added to reduce drought.
  • Track rail: The rails are made of steel and used to keep the shutter curtain intact. Sometimes, rubbing strips are added to make the track more effective.
  • Shutter springs: There are two types of shutter springs: flat and torsion spring. These springs are created by placing hard steel strips in coils.
  • Shutter box: These projections are made from steel and aluminum and their main use is to safeguard the assembly of the screen.
  • Roller tube: This tube is critical in the operation of closing screens. The tube is made of strong materials such as aluminum or steel and is usually supported on both ends by plates.
  • Lath: This is an aluminum or steel metal bar consisting of a catch and lever. The main function of the metal bar is to fasten the shutter. The lath can either be single or multiwall. The lath has to be in good condition to ensure maximum security of the building where it’s installed.

Before you buy window shutters, you should have an idea of what you would like to accomplish with them. For example, do you want to protect your windows from external weather or simply improve the aesthetics of your home? Knowing what you would like to accomplish will help you determine the right shutters to buy.

The above is an overview of the materials used to make roller shutters.

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