Too expensive to give your Prescott, AZ home a new look before putting it up for a sale? Below, we have listed the best styling tips and fixes you can easily do on your own! Even with a small budget, you can increase the price of your real estate property and get more bidders by following these tips.

Start by Clearing!

Remove unnecessary items and furniture. The room may not feel furnished but it will be airy and have plenty of space! This means leaving fewer and bigger things rather than several small items. Also, remember to remove personal items such as photographs, baby chair, name boards, toothbrushes, etc. Potential buyers want to picture themselves in their future home.

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The rooms should feel airy and spacious. Therefore, clear unneeded personal gadgets.

Make a stylish entrance

You only get one chance to make a good first impression with your Prescott AZ real estate for sale. The hall will provide the first impression of your home! Is there room for a small occasional table or a window?

Decorate the hall with a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers and a nice candle holder that spreads a cozy glow. If possible, set up storage where you can hide away jackets and shoes. Put a small end table in the hall with a vase with a bouquet of flowers to make a welcoming impression.

In with bright fabrics!

You want your home to feel light and airy?  Then choose bright textiles. A large white carpet may make the living room feel snug. At the same time, the bright color will make of the room feel larger.

Green is nice

To create life in the rooms, you need organic items. Some flowering plants or something green. If you have large empty corners, you can put green wallpapers. The wallpapers can fill the space and create a vibrant feel. This is important when it comes to styling. Work with contrasting wallpapers  to create an interesting interior.

Books add a nice decor detail

After removing all the private stuff , there may be empty shelves. You can fill up the shelves with books and storage boxes. You can buy the books for cheap at the flea market. You can also add a plant or candlesticks to decorate the interior.

Sloppy hotel bed no

Everyone loves a good hotel bedroom. You can easily create your own stylish hotel bed. The bed will give the bedroom a soft and pleasant impression. Want to get the bedroom feel like a haven of peace? Use fabrics that have soothing, earthy colors. You can also put a rug under the bed.

The dream of an own spa

Want to know the easiest way to have a luxurious spa in the bathroom? Simple. Simply fold towels on a shelf, have a green plant, a stylish soap dispenser, a soft and comfortable bathroom rug and a small vase with a cut flower in. Voila – home spa!

Amazon has a great selection of bathroom products that create that luxurious spa feeling.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Do you want the room to look better? Hang a mirror! It reflects light wonderfully in the room. In small, tight spaces, it is  a good idea to set up one or more mirrors on the wall.

Mirrors makes the room feel larger. Amazon has a number of lovely mirror variants that can be hang next to each other on the wall of a mirrored wall.

Raise the roof!

Low ceilings? Hang the curtains on the ceiling . This will make the ceiling height  feel higher than it actually is. Don’t let the curtains hang out so much on the windows but more on the side. This way,  you will get maximum light and the windows will look larger.

Long curtains fit well when hang high on the wall in most windows.

Good luck with your home styling

How to Improve Your Home Before a Sale!
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