Wondering how to remove fake tan from vinyl flooring, fabrics, and other surfaces? This guide is for you.

During the summer season, most of us opt for a tanned look. Fake tan comes in handy if you want to look bronzed or maintain a golden glow.

image of floor with tan stains

However, as much as tanning makes you look great, applying fake tan is such a hassle. Moreover, you can end up  staining your bra, bedsheets, and bathroom floor during the tanning process.

To avoid damaging your clothes, upholstery or floor, follow these tips to remove fake tan.

How to Remove Fake Tan from Vinyl Flooring & Other Surfaces

1. Treat You Fabric

Clothes,  towels, and bedsheets can get stained by fake tan during the application process. Fortunately, unless the fabric is pale or white, fake tan usually comes off on a regular wash with 40°C water.

However, for stubborn stains, you’ll require a different approach. For these stains, soak the fabric in hot water and add pre-wash powder for stain removal. You can use the Fairy Non-Bio Stain Removal Powder or Dr. Beckmann’s Pre-wash Stain Devils if you don’t want powder for the entire wash. The stain removers come with a brush for removing tough stains.

Dr. Beckmann’s Pre-wash Stain Devils

Another option is to try a home remedy.

To make a cleaning solution, add ½ cup of bleach in warm water. For silk and wool fabrics, clean them with a lukewarm solution of water and liquid soap.

Whether you tan regularly or are a beginner, use a colored or darker towel to cover yourself. These towels do not show stains easily.

If you usually fake-tan to bed, sleep on a napkin or you’ll have to wash your sheets daily.

You can also follow the same procedure to clean a couch.

2. Wipe the Surface

To prevent stains on vinyl flooring, wipe off any drip of fake tan that you notice immediately. If the floor is too dirty, use a  vaccum cleaner to remove the dirt. The best vacuum for vinyl flooring that we recommend is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E.

Think carefully about where you’ll be standing when applying the tan. Avoid standing near porous surfaces, such as grout tiles or wooden floors, since they tend to absorb tan quite easily.

When fake tanning on a vinyl floor, stand on a towel and get somewhere to pop the mat.

It’s quite hard to notice when you stain the grout with fake tan. Therefore, think of getting for orange or pink build-ups. Fortunately, it only takes a solution of water and bleach to clean up the grout.

Alternatively, try The Pink Stuff. It cleans grout fast and effectively.

The Pink Stuff

3. Don’t Overlook Clear Tan

Clear tans usually transfer to towels, beddings, and clothes. However, they don’t deposit color immediately.

Remember, all tans, whether visible or not, can potentially transfer when you sweat, even after the developing time. Therefore, some days old tan can still transfer even after you shower.

To make clear tan less visible, go for darker shades of clothing.

To remove the tan stains, wash the clothing at 40°C . Alternatively, spot-treat the fabric with Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils to remove stubborn stains.

Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils

Use Top-Quality Tan to Avoid Stains

For the best tanning results, always go for top-quality products. For example, you can use Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops for an even facial tan. The tan absorbs quite well into the skin and has excellent customer reviews.

Another recommendation is Elemi’s Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion. This tan will be ideal if you prefer to build up your tan naturally.

Elemi’s Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion

The above is an overview of how to remove fake tan from vinyl flooring, couches and upholstery, fabrics, grout, and other surfaces.


How to Remove Fake Tan from Different Surfaces (Fabrics, Vinyl Flooring, etc.)

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