split-system-installationNo two air conditioner installations are the same. The materials and time required to install an AC usually determines its price.

Installing heating, ventilation and air conditioner (HVAC) equipment can improve the value of your home. When installing HVAC equipment, one of the things customers are mostly concerned about is price. A competent split system air conditioning installation company will do its best to minimize the cost.

However, most of the time, minimizing costs is not the best way to go. No customer will be happy with an air conditioner that comes close to their car every time it’s backed in the driveway or that is sitting next to their front door.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid installing the air conditioner:

  • In garages or driveways. These are not good locations to install an air conditioner. Installing the units there can be expensive and dangerous to repair.
  • In deckings or entertainment areas. You do not want to be staring at the unit whenever you are relaxing at home.
  • In narrow pathways. You don’t want to lose or limit access for things like bikes, wheel barrows and bins.
  • At the front of the house. The unit can be installed here but it won’t look good.

Best Location to Install an Air Conditioning Unit

Here is a quick case study of split system air conditioner installation by Snowman team on how they dealt with a customer’s difficult location.

The design of your building can make it difficult to find the right place to install an air conditioning unit. The unit cannot be installed on external walls that have sliding doors or windows. In such a case, you can opt to install the air conditioner back-to-back. However, if this option would mean the unit will be next to the entertainment area and back door, then you have to consider a different area. For example, you can opt to have the unit located down a side of the house that is rarely used.

Installing an AC unit on the side of the house may mean getting pipes to run outside, and then up into the roof and back down to the wall. With all these extra pipes, extra care should be taken to get them neatly. Of course, this will mean more cost for the customer. However, the end would result in a neat job.

This is an example of how spending extra can lead to a better outcome of your air condition installation. The cheaper option would have been to install the air conditioner in the entertaining room. Keep in mind that air conditioners will stay where they are installed for years to come. Therefore, the importance of finding the right location to install them cannot be stressed enough.

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  1. Wow! Well written content. The way you explained the cost and location of the AC services are really marvelous. These are helpful to determine the cost and location the newly installed air conditioner at our home.Thanks a bunch of sharing 🙂

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