commercial refrigerator repairMany large organizations such as factories, hospitals, schools and hotels rely on commercial refrigerators in their day

to day activities. These refrigerators have to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly. But which companies are in charge of maintaining commercial refrigerators?

In today’s interview, we got a chance to speak with Ken, the CEO if Demand Cooling that is based in Fort Worth, Dallas. Demand cooling is one of the leading commercial refrigeration Dallas Fort Worth companies and Ken gave us a lot of insight into their work. Read on.

Commercial Refrigeration

A number of commercial establishments rely on commercial fridges and freezers for their day-to-day functioning. For most of them, it is not a matter of convenience, but rather of necessity. Imagine what will happen when the fridges and freezers conk off at a restaurant kitchen! The vegetables will start to wilt, the meat and seafood will go bad and the ice creams will start melting. In short, it can be little short of a catastrophe.
For a hospital, it can be downright dangerous. Certain drugs and chemicals have to be kept at a constant low temperature. The fridge or the freezer is essential for that. This is why companies keep in touch with a commercial fridges and freezer repairs company that can provide timely commercial fridges and freezer repairs and save bigger damages at a later stage.

In Dallas, the best answer is Demand Cooling.

Question: Can you tell us what services you provide?

We offer complete refrigeration solutions that include both fridges and freezers. Our technicians are on call at all times and will reach you promptly as soon as you pick up that phone and make your call. Our services are comprehensive and the best in the industry.

We service all kinds of fridges and freezers that include: Top-mounted freezers with fridge, Bottom-mounted freezers with fridge, Side by side fridges, 3 or 4 door fridges, Upright freezers, Chest freezers, Commercial bar freezers, Blast-shock freezer, Stainless counter bench freezer, Counter-top display freezers, Walk-in storage freezer rooms, Ice-cream freezers, and Display freezers.

dallas commercial refrigerator repairQuestion: Which organizations do you mostly serve?

Our services are used by a wide range or domestic and commercial users, including:

  • Nightclubs, theatres and other entertainment houses
  • Restaurants, pubs, clubs, fast food joints, hotels and other eateries
  • Commercial complexes, supermarkets, malls and other shopping centres
  • Hospitals and other health centres
  • Homes and residential complexes
  • Industrial and chemical complexes

Question: Can you tell us some services you provide?

You can call us for:

  • Repair

At Demand Cooling, our technicians have experience of catering to a wide range of industries including chemical, food and beverage, manufacturing, pulp and paper, etc. They have undertaken repair work on virtually every kind of fridge and freezer available in the market today. When faced with a fridge that refuses to work, call us and see the results for yourself.

  • Maintenance

Our technicians will undertake periodic services to make sure that your fridge and freezer work at optimum efficiency. Faulty parts can be spotted in time and replaced. By acting in time you can avoid a complete breakdown and the colossal bill thereafter.

  • Advise

Most breakdown occur due to faulty parts or wrong handling. Our expert and industry-trained technicians are well versed with the usual mistakes that people make and they can give you the best advice so that you can avoid these mistakes.

Question: What makes you different from other commercial refrigeration repair companies in Dallas?

Our services are prompt, efficient and comprehensive. Our service team will take your calls 24/7 and we can reach anywhere in Dallas Fort Worth the moment you make that call. We also use genuine parts to make sure that repairs are carried out in the right manner.

Our efficient service makes us the best in the business. Try us and we promise you – if your freezer or fridge can be fixed, we will fix it!

To know more about the commercial fridges and freezer repair services offered by Demand Cooling, check their website at

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