There are over 1000 companies offering Air Conditioning repair and installation services in the country. The companies range from from Mom and Pop independent repair services to large corporations.  In  this article, our goal is to assist both residential and commercial property owners in finding a trustworthy and reliable air conditioning repair specialist. Special thanks goes to for additional contribution to this article. Make sure you follow the firm at

Important Tips Before Calling a AC Repair Firm

ac repairOutside of a proper maintenance program to keep your air conditioning unit running properly,  when your air conditioning unit goes down, there are a few common troubleshooting steps you can perform yourself in order to eliminate the obvious problems ( the kind you don’t want to have to pay a technician to come out and do for you )

1) Is the Power on to Your AC Unit ?

The breaker on your fuse / electrical panel blowing is one of the more common problems that cause an air conditioning unit to not work. A blown breaker can be caused by a variety of issues, but before calling a repair person, be sure to check that your breaker are all on.

Time to Replace your AC ?

Tips for purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioner

If you are reaching the point where you are spending more annually to repair your air conditioner than you would be to replace it – it might be time to look at investing in a new unit for your home. The biggest consideration for buying a new AC unit is called SEER – a rating that refers to Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. For central ac units, a SEER ratings of 13 or more should be your baseline and for room AC units, a SEER of 11. High efficiency units have a higher price tag at the time of purchase, but in most cases, energy efficient models will recoup their cost of purchase rather quickly. Any unit you consider should have an Energy Star Label and a SEER / EER rating sticker that shows the units efficiency rating.

Did you know that a new AC unit can reduce your monthly electricity bill by over 50% – savings that can really add up.

The next important consideration for deciding on what type of AC unit to go with is the specific needs of the space you are planning on cooling. Many property owners make the mistake of installing to powerful of an air conditioning system, which leads to the problem of the unit constantly coming on and off, rather than running for a more steady, energy efficient period of time and keeping the air more consistently cool in the home or commercial space.

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