Loft Conversion: Design and Build your Perfect Space

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Last updated, May 2017
The beauty of a loft conversion lies in the rare opportunity to transform what is usually a highly underused space into a valuable addition to your home. A stylish and innovative loft conversion can help to unlock the full potential of your home whilst enhancing your day to day lives. As a growing family, you may require a beautiful bedroom for your new addition or a bright and distinctive playroom for the little
Alternatively, you may be crying out for some rest and relaxation; somewhere to hide away from those little feet. A professional company can help you create a tranquil sitting room, home cinema or even a creative studio allowing you the space to work and think, tucked away from the disturbance of daily activity. Many loft conversion service in the UK aim to marry a top class job with a cost effective price. Several business have decades of experience in the industry and have perfected their offering, ensuring modern and stylish loft conversions finished to an immaculate standard.

Add value to your home

There really has never been a better time for a loft conversion. With the housing market still stagnant and with house values nowhere near the levels of a few years ago, many are turning to a loft conversion as an economically viable alternative.
So why choose a professional loft conversion company to convert your loft? We asked Alex Parker, the lead blogger at a loft conversions company, that question. This is what he had to say:



They will usually have many years of experience and expertise having worked on hundreds of projects in all different types of property. Rest assured that your loft will be finished to the highest standard and meet your expectations if you do your research right.

Service Quality

Your loft conversion project should be managed by one of their company directors, who will ensure that right from the word go you receive service levels which are unparalleled in the industry.

Highly Qualified Tradesmen

Professional businesses understand this is your home and the decision to convert a loft can be a big one, so you want to be assured that the tradesmen working in your home are going to deliver a fantastic job. All their tradesmen should be fully qualified and experienced specialists who will ensure your loft not only looks fantastic but also meets the … Read More

How to Save Your Home From Foreclosure

When you home is up for foreclosure, you will come across many ways to stop this process. The best is to face the situation by going to your lender because he can offer you solid advice and help lighten the situation. In this article, Samuel Schwartz, a co-founding partner of one of the largest bankruptcy attorneys Las Vegas firm, gives insight on what you can do to save your house from foreclosure.foreclosure home for sale

Most people thing the lender is the last person to talk to about financial problems. They find it embarrassing and fear what the outcome might be. Others don’t see why exactly they should talk it over with the lender. It is time we should understand that when a lender is aware of your financial status this makes him lenient and can help save your home.

Working With a Lender

You may have been led to think that he lender only wants what is best for him and does not care about your situation. Some people state that the moment you miss your payments the lender will immediately rush to file a foreclosure report. This notion leads us to believe that a lender is your enemy and has no mercy. However this is not the case and a lender understands the financial problems you face. Therefore let him be the first person you turn to when the budget gets tight.

When you miss paying your monthly mortgage for over 3 months, your lender will send you a note to remind you of the situation. It is wise to inform the lender before the 3 months that you are financially unstable. Discuss of other ways which you can use to pay your bills that are considerate to you.

Possible ways include a temporary reduction in interest rates and a flexible payment schedule. Some lenders will accept Forbearance which includes having the bills due waived. This means you will not have to follow the process of re-application and it’s convenient. Mortgage lenders are on your side and willing to help when it comes to foreclosure issues.

Therefore to sum it up, the first thing to do when faced with foreclosure is to call your lender. Let him know the reason why you are lagging behind in payments and negotiate with him on better terms. When you buy time hoping to find a solution, the situation will get worse and worse. … Read More

Why You Need a Tree Removal Service Company

tree removal serviceThe addition or placement of trees on a property can make the difference between a nice property and a charming or beautiful property. Certain trees provide aesthetic benefits while others provide practical benefits. However, occasionally, some trees can be counter-productive to a property’s aesthetics or health. Under those circumstances, hiring a tree removal company like may be the best solution.

A few of the more common reasons for tree removal includes:

  • The tree is infected.
  • The tree is dying or dead.
  • The tree has grown too large for the area it occupies.
  • You want to expand your open yard area.
  • You want to make room for a garden.
  • The tree is unattractive and detracts from the overall aesthetics of your yard.
  • The tree is dangerously close to your house; under certain weather conditions, it could fall and cause damage.
  • You want to reduce a large grove to a smaller copse.

Hire a Tree Removal Professional

When it becomes necessary to tackle a project requiring special tools and expertise, it is always better to employ the assistance of a tree service professional. Removing a tree is that kind of project. It can be overwhelmingly difficult and extremely dangerous.

Usually, trees that need to be removed are tall and/or imposing. Removing a tree may entail trimming, cutting it to smaller pieces and disposing of it. Without the proper equipment, you could be putting yourself and your home in considerable danger.

Look for Experience, Reliability and Expertise

Look for a professional tree removal service that homeowners and businesses in your area rely on. An ideal company should have been servicing area residents for over 30 years and developed a reputation for effective, efficient and reliable tree removal. With the quality service and customer satisfaction, the company will have acquired an ever-expanding clientele base throughout the area.

Over the years, an experienced tree removal company can expand its fleet of vehicles and arsenal of tools. As a result, it can accommodate and serve customers by providing more than what the standard tree removal company offers. For example, you may find such a company providing  crane services with its growing fleet of small, medium and large cranes. In addition, with their growth, wide area of expertise and long, accomplished history, the company can become a trusted consultant for many smaller tree removal companies.

Whether you’re considering the removal of one tree or an entire … Read More

Can I Sell My Home Without a Realtor?

how to sell a house on your ownJackline from Auburn sent us this question: “Can I sell my home without a realtor?”

Many homeowners have this question. We got in touch with the team at The Connor Group for some insight into this question. For our readers, The Connor Group is a real estate firms that manages luxury apartments around the country. For example, you can go to their site to search for luxury apartments Austin.

We posed the question to The Connor Group and they sent us the following information:

The biggest investment most people ever make is owning a home. When you want to sell the home, it’s standard practice to hire a real estate agent to find a buyer on your behalf. When the sale is concluded, the agent will typically take  7 to 10 percent of the sale price as commission. The commission can be quite a huge sum.

One question you may be asking is, “Can I sell my home without a realtor?”

Selling a home on your own is not difficult if you know what real estate agents do. Typically, an agent does the following:

  • Puts your property in the market with Multiple Listing Services (MLS).
  • Markets the home online, through newspaper ads and fliers.
  • Is available to show prospective buyers the home.
  • Acts as a broker when negotiating price with prospective buyers
  • Accompanies you to the closing.

As you see, there is no step that is too complicated to be done on your own. Selling a house on your own will not only save you on paying agent commission fees, but the process will quick and hassle-free.

Follow the steps below to sell a home on your own:

  1. Set the right price. Before listing your home, price it correctly. The price should be competitive to that of comparable houses sold in your neighborhood over the last six months.
  2. Obtain listing on MLS at a flat fee. The MLS is available to realtors across the US. However, there are services that allow you to list your property for a flat fee on the MLS. Search for these services in your area.
  3. Market your property. Apart from listing your home on the MLS, advertise it by creating brochures and fliers, putting up “for sale” signs and even posting on websites like Craigslist.
  4. Hold an open house. You can also get prospective clients by holding an open house. Put up signs in
Read More

Top 5 Montana Neighborhoods for Investments

montana real estateThe Montana real estate market is among the few that were not severely affected by the housing crisis of 2008. While activity certainly reduced, house prices did not experience significant dips like was the case in some states. If you are looking to put your money in real estate, Montana is a stable market that will guarantee you a return on investment.

There are many homes being flipped in the Montana area. House flipping refers to buying a home as a real-estate investment, improving it and then putting it back for sale in the market at a significantly larger price. Homes that were going for under $500,000 in 2010 have now doubled in value.

You can purchase Montana real estate homes for living or flipping purposes. Buying in some neighborhoods is more attractive than others due to their current and future prospects. These neighborhoods are not congested and some are experiencing economic growth like never seen before. Buying a home in one of these neighborhoods guarantees you a high quality life. Apart from this, you can flip the home at a profit when you decide to move.

Below are five of the top neighborhoods that waded through the economic recession and emerged unscathed, and that have great prospects for real estate investors.

West Yellowstone

The West Yellowstone neighborhood has seen exponential growth over the last decade and is attractive for new homeowners. The development of the area can mostly be attributed to planned real state firms, which have focused on creating a mixed-use neighborhood that goes beyond the traditional residential focus.

The living experience in West Yellowstone is marked by convenience. Majority of the real estate in the area are high-rise apartments and condominiums.


Colstrip can be easily defined as a “city within a city”. Located on the northwest side of the city, the neighborhood has approximately 14,000 residents, majority of who are home owners. Houses in Colstrip are relatively small and many are also attached. However, they are extremely well maintained. The streets of Colstrip are lined with trees and have the original cobblestone pavement.

If you have school-going children or plan to raise kids, there are many private and public schools in the area.

East Helena

Located in the northwest section of the city, East Helena offers affordable real estate for anyone interested in apartments and condominiums. The average price of homes sold in the area is … Read More