Best Farms to Buy in Kwa Zulu Natal

kwa zulu natal homesKwa-Zulu Natal is a place booming with infrastructure and is fast becoming the most sought-after holiday destination. The area is a buyer’s choice for its beauty and serene nature, which can calm the soul of any person. KZN boasts of beautiful farms that are currently on the market. The farms are expensive to buy but it will benefit the buyer in the long run. Since most farms are high income generators, the only reason they are on the market is due to people migrating or needing a change of lifestyle.

Below is an overview of some of the properties available for sale in KZN.

Farm for Sale in Newcastle

This 4.94-hectare farm offers a very laidback lifestyle and magnificent views while enjoying life in the country. This farm has a lot of potential as it can be developed for commercial purposes as well. The main home compromises of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with spacious living areas and a beautiful farm styled kitchen. There is a spacious outdoor entertainment area that has the potential to be turned into a desirable coffee shop or tea garden.

The home grounds also have 2 domestic quarters and the whole property is fenced and secured with electric fencing and gates. On the property, there is a nursery that will generate an income, water tanks, boreholes and three sheds. This farm has a huge potential to generate income.

Farm for sale in Hluhluwe

This 2 498-hectare farm compromises of 5 bedrooms situated on the Mziki Private Game Lodge. It is your very own sanctuary on the African bushvelda, all full furnished and offers absolute luxury.

This farm has its very own private air strip and helipad. All 5 bedrooms have en suite bathrooms, outside showers, private decks, large kitchen, open plan living spaces and guest rooms. This place is blissful with a touch of luxury.

Farm for Sale in Boston

This is a fully equipped dairy farm of 282 hectares that also facilitates vegetable farming a. The farm is being sold with the livestock, which compromise of 200 dairy cows and 200 sheep. Also, all farming equipment is also being sold with the farm.

The farmhouse compromises of 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a beautiful kitchen, a spacious living area and a dining room. There is two rondavel out buildings and staff quarters. This farm has is an income generator and boasts of so much potential.… Read More

4 Graceful Exit Strategies to Get Out from Under a House You Can’t Afford

options when you can't pay mortgageDon’t let yourself get out from under that house you can’t afford with a belly-flop whose splash keeps you wet for a long time—instead, get out of the soaking pool, dry yourself off, and exit gracefully. Here, we offer four ways to help remain composed and unruffled when you’ve just got to give it up.

Listing through an agent seems so straightforward; nothing could go wrong here, right? Wrong. According to Gracie Weis from Blonde Girl Homebuyers in Jacksonville, an excellent agent might not be able to do anything with your house in less than 3 to 6 months. So, keep in mind how fast your equity may be evaporating with lender fees and interest piling up. If you want to use this option, use it quick and you might come out with some cash.

Some people have enough cash-on-hand and can help you by buying your home, and they’ve figured out ways to make it work for them as a business. These smart folks are called investors. Find the good ones that care enough to get to know you, then, consider selling to the investor. Working with an investor can prove to be a lot quicker than signing on with a real estate agent, but be careful because investors are very smart and know what your home is worth more so than an average buyer led in by an agent. Two upsides here: First, the paperwork can be amazingly clean and quick to execute. Second: No fees to pay a REALTOR. In any event, if you do choose to work with an investor, be sure to hire a good real estate attorney—one of your choosing, not the investor’s—to review all of your paperwork before signing on the dotted line.

If you abandon your home there are definite dos and don’ts. If you’re definitely going to lose it anyway, do not make the mortgage payments because you will—trust me on this—need the cash. Do cut expenses by stopping the daily bleeds of all nonessential expenses. Restaurant meals? No more. The same with movies and popcorn, using the car to drive around the corner, landscaping guys, premium (or any) cable—no more! Get in touch with one of the programs in your town that help distressed people pay bills. Have a garage sale for everything you can unload because it costs something to take it with you. No time to be … Read More

Home Maintenance – Spring and Summer Checklist

home maintenance tips

When summer and spring set in, you should take advantage of the seasons to carry out a home maintenance routine. A routine maintenance will ensure your home stays clean and units are working optimally.

Below is a cleaning checklist you can follow during summer or spring to maintain your home.

Exterior Maintenance

Roof. Check the roof for any signs of trouble. You don’t need to climb the roof to inspect it. With your eyes or a pair of binoculars, you can easily spot trouble. Staff from Missions Restoration suggest that you should check for cracked shingles that may be allowing water in or nail-pops­­ on the roof. These should be replaced to keep the roof at peak performance. Check their website at

Chimney. Inspect the chimney joints and check whether any bricks or stones have fallen out. Also, look for vegetation growing on the chimney or a white calcium-like deposit. Any signs of such a white deposit will be a signal that the chimney should be resealed.

Foundations. As you inspect the exteriors, check the foundation for masonry cracks. If you spot some cracks, hire a foundation specialist to fix them.

Exterior walls. Look for trouble spots on your brick, stucco or wood siding walls. If you spot water stains, this means the gutters are not containing roof runoff adequately. Check whether there are any damaged areas or knots that have popped out.

Windows. Check the caulking and weather stripping on your windows and ensure they are intact. Otherwise, the windows will let in air when you don’t need it. If you spot condensation inside the glass, your water seal is compromised.

Interior Maintenance

General Cleaning. Clean the areas of the house that are usually neglected. For example, clean the ceiling fans, table lap joints, tops of wall-mounted cabinets, window casing and vinyl blinds. If you find residue in the kitchen, wash the walls and cabinets with warm water and mild detergent.

Air Conditioning. If you moved in a while back with the help of a moving company, check that your AC units are in good working condition. Check the hose connections for leaks, vacuum any dust settled on the unit and change the filters.

Attics. Check for signs of critters and insect colonies. Also, check for molds and ensure proper ventilation. Clean the attic before the warm weather sets in.

Basements. The basement is prone to insects … Read More

Investing in Columbus, OH Real Estate

In many markets in Ohio, real estate supply has outstripped demand significantly. This is forcing investors in those markets to slash their prices to get out of the property. In today’s article,

columbus oh real estateThe Columbus, OH real estate market is one example of an area where supply has overtaken demand. Over the past few years, investor buyers came in from all over the country to buy properties in Columbus, OH. The perception was that market appreciation was happening so rapidly in the city that virtually anyone could come in and buy a house at near full price and then expect to sell it at a profit once construction was completed. For a few years, this strategy worked simply because there was more demand in the market than supply.

In most metropolitan areas in Ohio, demand is driven by job growth which brings in new workers who need housing. This is why there is high demand for Indian Lake property for sale. The technology boom of the late 1990s created significant job growth in Columbus, OH. By the early 2000s young up-and-coming technology workers were driving a retail housing boom inside Columbus, OH.

But as time went on, more houses were built and were being pre-sold to increasing numbers of investors as well as retirees. Then the real estate downturn happened.

Today, there is such an oversupply of houses in Columbus, OH relative to the demand. Most investors who have purchased houses in the last year or two cannot expect to sell them immediately for any profit. Instead, they will be lucky to take a small loss on the sale. What was a profitable strategy only four years ago has become a very un-profitable strategy simply because of a change in the supply-demand ratio.

This made it relatively easy for investors working the older inner-city neighborhoods. Because of the strong demand from young buyers, property appreciation was strong. This made it easier for investors to profit by selling rehabbed properties to affluent owner-occupants who wanted to avoid a long commute from the suburbs.

But today, several years after the collapse of the technology boom, there is less demand for inner-city housing. Therefore, property values have begun to drop as much as 15 to 20% in many inner-city neighborhoods as a result.

Property wholesalers in Columbus, OH have suffered significant losses due to the combination of inflated purchase prices and sagging demand. … Read More

Why You Should Buy Land in Texas

buy land in texasBuying land is one of the best investment decisions you can make. Apart from being affordable, land is a flexible investment that can be a money making venture if you decide to position it in that direction. For example, you can buy land and construct commercial or residential buildings for lease or rent. If the land is in the countryside, you can lease it for farming activities.
Texas is one of the best places to buy land in the country. The state is ripe for land investment and prime pieces are available in different areas such as New Braunfels, Summit Springs, Hill Country, Liberty Hills, Austin, San Marcos, and more among others. If you buy land in any of these areas, you are guaranteed of making a huge return on your investment in the coming years.

Land for sale in Summit Springs is in high demand for residential and commercial construction. The same also applies to land In New Braunfels and Texas Hill Country. The growing economy of the state has led to an increase in demand for housing. Professionals from all over the country are flocking to the oil state to engage in oil and gas ventures. This is why savvy investors are taking steps right now to buy land and put up residential constructions.

You can also buy land in Texas for your personal use. If you have always wanted to have a first or second home in one of the most patriotic states in the country, Texas is the place to be. With your own parcel of land, you can construct your home in any design you wish. You do not have to construct the home immediately you buy the land. Some investors take years to build their homes and this is another route you have. For instance, how about buying land in the state and start planning to build a retirement home?

If you wish to buy land in Texas and you don’t reside in the state, it’s important to know the procedures of buying. You can hire a local real estate attorney to help you with the legalities involved in land ownership. Apart from this, commercial Texas based real estate agents can help you identify pieces of land that are within your budget and meet your specifications. The other option would be to search for land on the Internet and contact the sellers.

Buying land … Read More