How to Choose a Home Gym Flooring

Last Update, October 2017

Editor’s Note: This question came from one of our readers on how to choose a home gym flooring. If you have a question you would like answered, contact us.

Hello. I have been repairing my friend’s apartment. The apartment is modestly decorated and one of the rooms is reserved for the gym. The gym is planned to include the best weight bench for bench press with racks, free weights (dumbbells, barbells, pancakes), the treadmill desk with a computer, a small sofa, 3 horizontal bars and a large mirror. The room is relatively small – 16.6 sq/m.

The first question: Which are the best materials, colors, and design solutions for the room? Should I use wallpaper or paint the ceiling?

The second question:Which material should be used for the floor?

I am trying to make the apartment uniform,  so I’m planning to simply use linoleum for the floor of the apartment. However, for the sports part (3/4 of the room or even a little more), using linoleum is not suitable. I need something solid. Should I just put linoleum on the floor and remove, if necessary, rubber, PVC, or linoleum sports?,Which is more economical and suitable for such requirements and conditions?

Warcus Editorial Team Answer

Hello, we’ll try to answer your questions as in depth as we can. Let’s get started.

Home Gym Floor Covering

To begin, the concrete floor, in principle, is not suitable for sports. The only really comfortable and energy absorbing design is a wooden floor with relatively thick bars or narrow planks glued or nailed on logs laid on the shock-absorbing pads. Boards or beams of different thicknesses can be made from various species of trees and laid on top of an additional coating.

Sports wooden flooring has great properties: sufficient hardness and elasticity needed in almost all sports. For gym flooring, there is no viable alternative for to wooden floors. The floors are used everywhere, from the modest to the best indoor Olympic arenas. You probably do not have the ability to change the design of the floor without reducing its length.

In a 16 sq/m room, you cannot play ball or run. However, there are various home exercises you will be doing, for example jumping rope. For this exercise, a concrete base is not suitable and no additional cover can make it suitable. If you will be jumping, always wear … Read More

Locked Out of Your Home or Car? Find a Locksmith Near You

If you need to replace lost home or car keys, the procedure is quite a bit different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. In the past, you may have had to break down the door of your home. With a car, you may have to break the window. However, today’s cars have security features built into the key and ignition to help prevent theft. While car dealers may say that you should call them for replacement keys, you should be aware that it will be very expensive, and may not happen as quickly as you need. Replacing car keys is a high-profit margin service that car dealers want you to think only they can do.charlotte locksmith

 Today’s automobile locksmiths are right on top of the technology in today’s cars and can replace your keys for a fraction of the cost and usually much quicker too. For example, many Chevrolets use their proprietary Pass Lock theft deterrent system. The way it works is that a sensor in the ignition cylinder “reads” a microchip on the key, makes sure the key is a match for the car, and if so, allows the car to start. If the microchip is damaged or the sensor breaks, you could be faced with being unable to start your car.

Any reputable locksmith should be able to program the lock using specific hardware and software or using a procedure that involves leaving a new key in the “run” position for a period, followed by turning it off, then repeating the process twice more.

Newer GM cars allow locksmiths to access a secure area of the GM website to acquire the key code information, saving time and money. And locksmiths have equipment that lets them produce keys that are even more precisely cut than those made by a dealership. If you get such a key replaced, ask the locksmith for the key code, then write it down and keep it on hand in case you lose your keys again.

Another example of a good auto locksmith being your best friend is in the case of some models of Scion vehicles. Sometimes the plastic key cases break from the simple repetitive motion of twisting it to start the car, and this can break the microchip inside, rendering the key inoperable. Another possibility is that the battery inside the key case has died, and the owner’s manual has instructions … Read More

3 Tips on Hiring a Plumber in Dallas, TX

orlando plumberDo you live in Dallas, TX and are looking for a plumber? If so, there are a number of tips you should keep in mind.

Finding the right plumber for a job is not difficult if you do your research well.

However, there are many plumbers in Dallas and you will need to evaluate the ones you come across to determine whether they will be right for your project.

One thing yo should however note  is that the points below can apply to any city. So, whether you are in Texas and need Dallas HVAC repair services or are in Louisiana and need heater storage repair services, you will find these tips helpful.

Below are some ways in which you can evaluate potential plumbers you want to hire.

Experience of the Plumbers

Find out about the experience of the plumbers. Some plumbers only do general repairs while others are specialized in carrying out remodel repairs. The type of project you have should help you know the plumber that will be right for you. If it’s the faucets that are leaking, you can hire a general plumber to repair them.

You can get an idea of the plumber’s experience from the number of years he or she has been in business. The more years a Dallas or Orlando plumber has been in business, the more experienced he/she is likely to be. Moreover,  a plumber that has been in business for many years is bound to be doing a good job and trusted by residents of Dallas, TX.

Cost of the Project

Another thing to consider is how much you will pay for the project. The earlier you get a plumbing problem fixed, the better. If you wait until the problem escalates, you may end up having to foot thousands of dollars in repair costs. This is why it is important to get a plumber to check any problems in your piping system as soon as you notice them.

You should contact different plumbers  and ask them for quotes for the job to be done. If you need general repairs, you can get quotes on the Internet. However, if the plumbing job will be huge, for example you are doing remodeling, the plumbers may want to come to your property and evaluate the project before giving you a quote.


You should also check that the plumber you are hiring is insured. … Read More

How to Choose the Right Interior Designer

interior designIf you are planning to improve the look of your home, you may have to hire an interior designer to help you. Keep in mind that the relationship you will have with the designer can be intimate. This being the case, it is important to consider a number of factors upfront before choosing a designer.

You should know what you want from the interior designer. Like is the case with any person you want to invite in your life, being clear upfront can help to avoid many problems down the road. Here are some tips you should consider before hiring any potential interior designer.

Asses the Style of Work You Prefer

Let’s say you are in Bangalore. Before starting to search for interior designers in Bangalore, carefully consider the type of working you prefer. Taking some time  to determine this can help you find the right person. Apart from this, it will lay the foundation that will lead to a successful working relationship.  Answering the questions below will help you know the style of working you prefer:

  • How long do you expect it will take for the project to be completed?
  • Do you know with certainty what you want or are you likely to change your mind when the project has already started?
  • Will you want advise or input from the designer?
  • Do you prefer to be shown fewer or many options?
  • Are you a tactile or visual person? Will you  want  to feel everything or will the designer showing photos of products be enough for you to know whether they are right for you?
  • Are you looking for comprehensive interior design or do you simply want a professional that can help you with design things such as resources, space planning and color?
  • At what level would you like to step in and be involved in the product research?
  • At what level would you want to be consulted in the creative process? Are you only interested in the big picture issues or would you want to be involved in the nitty-gritty details?

What is the Scope of Your Project?

To some extent, the experience and qualifications that an interior designer will need will be determined by the scope of the project.  If you are undertaking a major renovation to an existing space , or are building a new home or addition, you will likely have to work with an … Read More

What is Non Destructive Digging?

non-destructive-diggingNon-destructive digging (NDD) is also known as vacuum excavation or hydro excavation. This is a form of digging that ensures tree roots, pipes, cables or anything buried underground are not damaged when you dig around their vicinity. The damage caused to the things buried underground is very minimal compared to what could be the case if you were digging using a crowbar or an excavator.

Difference Between Non-Destructive Digging, Vacuum Excavation and Hydro Excavation

There is a small difference between these three types of excavation. The differences relate to the amount of water pressure used in each method and whether water is actually used to dig up the dirt.

How Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) Works

NDD uses a high-pressure jet of water from a gun/lance. The water is emitted at very high pressure and when pointed to the ground, digs up the dirt and turns it into mud. When the dirt has been dug up, a high-velocity vacuum is used to suck it up, which in turn leaves an excavated hole.

Check the video below for an overview of NDD.

Should You Use a NDD Truck?

You do not need to use non-destructive digging in every single project. A leading excavation company can advise you whether or not to use NDD for your project. There are a number of things you should consider to know whether or not NDD will be right for you. These include:

  • The kind of project you are working on
  • Amount of risk you are willing to take
  • Your budget

If you would like to hire an NDD truck, you should know its cost. Generally, NDD trucks cost more per hour than excavators or backholes. Moreover, they cannot move much dirt per hour than an excavator.

However, the benefit of NDD is that it is faster and leads to less ground damage. The following information will help you know whether or not it will make sense to use NDD.

  • If there are no underground services that are at risk of being damaged when the ground is excavated, choose an excavator.
  • If there are underground services at risk in the area you want to dig but you are not paying wages, it would best to dig the area on your own using a shovel. Dig around the area to expose the services so that you know where they are located.
  • Finally, look for an NDD truck if
Read More