Home Maintenance – Spring and Summer Checklist

home maintenance tips

When summer and spring set in, you should take advantage of the seasons to carry out a home maintenance routine. A routine maintenance will ensure your home stays clean and units are working optimally.

Below is a cleaning checklist you can follow during summer or spring to maintain your home.

Exterior Maintenance

Roof. Check the roof for any signs of trouble. You don’t need to climb the roof to inspect it. With your eyes or a pair of binoculars, you can easily spot trouble. Staff from Missions Restoration suggest that you should check for cracked shingles that may be allowing water in or nail-pops­­ on the roof. These should be replaced to keep the roof at peak performance. Check their website at MissionsRestorations.com

Chimney. Inspect the chimney joints and check whether any bricks or stones have fallen out. Also, look for vegetation growing on the chimney or a white calcium-like deposit. Any signs of such a white deposit will be a signal that the chimney should be resealed.

Foundations. As you inspect the exteriors, check the foundation for masonry cracks. If you spot some cracks, hire a foundation specialist to fix them.

Exterior walls. Look for trouble spots on your brick, stucco or wood siding walls. If you spot water stains, this means the gutters are not containing roof runoff adequately. Check whether there are any damaged areas or knots that have popped out.

Windows. Check the caulking and weather stripping on your windows and ensure they are intact. Otherwise, the windows will let in air when you don’t need it. If you spot condensation inside the glass, your water seal is compromised.

Interior Maintenance

General Cleaning. Clean the areas of the house that are usually neglected. For example, clean the ceiling fans, table lap joints, tops of wall-mounted cabinets, window casing and vinyl blinds. If you find residue in the kitchen, wash the walls and cabinets with warm water and mild detergent.

Air Conditioning. If you moved in a while back with the help of a moving company, check that your AC units are in good working condition. Check the hose connections for leaks, vacuum any dust settled on the unit and change the filters.

Attics. Check for signs of critters and insect colonies. Also, check for molds and ensure proper ventilation. Clean the attic before the warm weather sets in.

Basements. The basement is prone to insects … Read More

Materials Used to Make Roller Shutters

modern manual roller shuttersMost homeowners around the country install window shutters for security or aesthetic purposes. There are different types of window shutters available in the market. The functionality of the shutters usually varies with the type. One of the common types of shutters is the roller type.

To understand more about the roller type of shutters, we contacted Darren Jonah, a building contractor in Swansea to shed more on the equipment. This article is as a result of the interview we had with him.

Roller shutters generally comprise of a number of slats or metal bars attached together. These shutters are installed for security purposes and can be lowered or raised for closure and opening respectively. In commercial buildings, mechanically-operated roller shutters are usually used. The shutters protect the windows or doors from harsh weather and intruders.

You can install roller shutters at different places including warehouses, prisons, garages, and commercial institutions. The shutters can help to keep off pellets from harsh weather such as storms or frozen rain. Roller shutters are made from a variety of components. These include:

  • Locks: There are different types of locks available for window shutters. The common ones are the shutter and bullet locks.
  • Bottom lath: Bottom lath are made from steel and aluminum. Rubber tubes are usually added to reduce drought.
  • Track rail: The rails are made of steel and used to keep the shutter curtain intact. Sometimes, rubbing strips are added to make the track more effective.
  • Shutter springs: There are two types of shutter springs: flat and torsion spring. These springs are created by placing hard steel strips in coils.
  • Shutter box: These projections are made from steel and aluminum and their main use is to safeguard the assembly of the screen.
  • Roller tube: This tube is critical in the operation of closing screens. The tube is made of strong materials such as aluminum or steel and is usually supported on both ends by plates.
  • Lath: This is an aluminum or steel metal bar consisting of a catch and lever. The main function of the metal bar is to fasten the shutter. The lath can either be single or multiwall. The lath has to be in good condition to ensure maximum security of the building where it’s installed.

Before you buy window shutters, you should have an idea of what you would like to accomplish with them. For example, do you want … Read More

Loft Conversion: Design and Build your Perfect Space

loft conversion

Last updated, May 2017
The beauty of a loft conversion lies in the rare opportunity to transform what is usually a highly underused space into a valuable addition to your home. A stylish and innovative loft conversion can help to unlock the full potential of your home whilst enhancing your day to day lives. As a growing family, you may require a beautiful bedroom for your new addition or a bright and distinctive playroom for the little
Alternatively, you may be crying out for some rest and relaxation; somewhere to hide away from those little feet. A professional company can help you create a tranquil sitting room, home cinema or even a creative studio allowing you the space to work and think, tucked away from the disturbance of daily activity. Many loft conversion service in the UK aim to marry a top class job with a cost effective price. Several business have decades of experience in the industry and have perfected their offering, ensuring modern and stylish loft conversions finished to an immaculate standard.

Add value to your home

There really has never been a better time for a loft conversion. With the housing market still stagnant and with house values nowhere near the levels of a few years ago, many are turning to a loft conversion as an economically viable alternative.
So why choose a professional loft conversion company to convert your loft? We asked Alex Parker, the lead blogger at a loft conversions company, that question. This is what he had to say:



They will usually have many years of experience and expertise having worked on hundreds of projects in all different types of property. Rest assured that your loft will be finished to the highest standard and meet your expectations if you do your research right.

Service Quality

Your loft conversion project should be managed by one of their company directors, who will ensure that right from the word go you receive service levels which are unparalleled in the industry.

Highly Qualified Tradesmen

Professional businesses understand this is your home and the decision to convert a loft can be a big one, so you want to be assured that the tradesmen working in your home are going to deliver a fantastic job. All their tradesmen should be fully qualified and experienced specialists who will ensure your loft not only looks fantastic but also meets the … Read More

Garage Door Repair Tips to Help You Save Money

garage door repairGarage repair may seem to be a very hard thing to do for a person who is not familiar with technical repairs at home. This is because garage doors are made in complicated electronic combination that are hard to figure out how they are. Most people fear this repair and leave it to the technicians who may ask for a lot of fee to do the job. Getting this technician may cost you additional money to that used to fix the garage door its self.

The only works that may force you to call an expert technician are repairing the panel, door spring replacement or garage door insulation. Try as much as possible to figure out yourself if you can be able to fix the problem before seeking the help of a technician. In most cases this problems are the screeching of the garage metal door that causes a lot of noise when you open or close. If that’s the problem, the first thing is to check the rusty hardware and old door screws.

Most people never realize this problem or they know but ignore it until they have their garage door develop some serious problems so that they take action. It is the combination of the door screw and the rusty metal that causes the screeching of the garage door. You should carry out regular maintenance by applying lubricant to the door to prevent rust. It will save you time and money you would have spent to do repairs. If you are able to check this problems before you call a technician, then you may save a lot of money.

In case you have a garage door that does not fully go down when it is closed and springs back up before even the door reaches the ground, the main problem is on the sensors. These sensors are responsible for controlling the closure of the door. If the door does not reach its desired position of closure, then the sensor will not trigger the closing motion to release the door, but after it reaches the desired position it will stop the closing motion. The sensor that is not positioned properly will cause this garage door problem.

To fix this problem, place your sensor a little lower that its current position so that it can close the door fully. Also check if there is anything that is blocking … Read More

Why You Need a Tree Removal Service Company

tree removal serviceThe addition or placement of trees on a property can make the difference between a nice property and a charming or beautiful property. Certain trees provide aesthetic benefits while others provide practical benefits. However, occasionally, some trees can be counter-productive to a property’s aesthetics or health. Under those circumstances, hiring a tree removal company like Aesthetictree.ca may be the best solution.

A few of the more common reasons for tree removal includes:

  • The tree is infected.
  • The tree is dying or dead.
  • The tree has grown too large for the area it occupies.
  • You want to expand your open yard area.
  • You want to make room for a garden.
  • The tree is unattractive and detracts from the overall aesthetics of your yard.
  • The tree is dangerously close to your house; under certain weather conditions, it could fall and cause damage.
  • You want to reduce a large grove to a smaller copse.

Hire a Tree Removal Professional

When it becomes necessary to tackle a project requiring special tools and expertise, it is always better to employ the assistance of a tree service professional. Removing a tree is that kind of project. It can be overwhelmingly difficult and extremely dangerous.

Usually, trees that need to be removed are tall and/or imposing. Removing a tree may entail trimming, cutting it to smaller pieces and disposing of it. Without the proper equipment, you could be putting yourself and your home in considerable danger.

Look for Experience, Reliability and Expertise

Look for a professional tree removal service that homeowners and businesses in your area rely on. An ideal company should have been servicing area residents for over 30 years and developed a reputation for effective, efficient and reliable tree removal. With the quality service and customer satisfaction, the company will have acquired an ever-expanding clientele base throughout the area.

Over the years, an experienced tree removal company can expand its fleet of vehicles and arsenal of tools. As a result, it can accommodate and serve customers by providing more than what the standard tree removal company offers. For example, you may find such a company providing  crane services with its growing fleet of small, medium and large cranes. In addition, with their growth, wide area of expertise and long, accomplished history, the company can become a trusted consultant for many smaller tree removal companies.

Whether you’re considering the removal of one tree or an entire … Read More